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I was gonna be lazy and just link you all to Graeme's journal and add random comments but decided it was about time I spammed all your friends pages with nice long posts again so changed my mind!

Thursday I went to the Cambridge open day. Which was nice. Even if it did take me an hour and a half to find a bus stop...... Homerton's a really nice college, the people are nice, the admissions tutors were nice, and yes, I'm deliberately overusing the word nice =p Nah, lets just say, I was very happy with what I saw and am definitely going to be applying to Cambridge. Yay for me picking a course where grade based offers are lowered if you have good teaching potential!

Unfortunately, the London bombings happened just after I left London. I didn't find out about 3 of them until lunchtime at the Open Day, and I became very shaken when I realised that I should have been in Kings Cross, on the circle line tube train when the bomb exploded there. So, thank you to those of you who cared and found out how I was. I truly appreciate it. And who put up with my freaking out about missing out on being involved because I decided to get an earlier train.

It did mean that I was stranded in Cambridge..... People are amazingly nice in a crisis. I had 2 offers to stay with people in Cambridge, an offer from Homerton to use their accomodation and an offer from people living in Bath to drive me home. Which I accepted!

Which meant I was home in time to go to the theatre where we saw an amazing piece of physical theatre which we are going to use as the starting point for our devised piece. Meaning I get to have fun doing lots of random moving around, jumping, walking up walls using pullys.... ^^

Friday I boarded a train at 10 minutes past 10 (having packed my bag for the weekend in 5 minutes. Needless to say I forgot stuff........) Bound for......... BRISTOL! Fun huh?!? *laughs* Where I boarded another train which took me (eventually) to York. There I found a certain special somebody who's only acknowledgement of me was to wave a copy of the Sun at me! Well, to begin with anyway! We hugged and kissed and I laughed at Graeme's inability to move his suitcase before heading off into York town centre. We wandered round, Graeme got distracted by sharp things, I got bought a present (Robin Hood ^^ Yay! Nobody can tape over it now!) we kissed some more then decided as we still had to find a B&B we should head into Scarborough. We checked into pretty much the first B&B we found. Lazy? Us? Never! It was quite nice though, even if the guy on the reception desk had no idea what he was doing!

Friday night we went down to the beach to have a look, found amusements, got distracted for rather a long time, went and found chips then got distracted by the amusements again... We wandered back along the beach to our hotel, which was a very movie moment *laughs* Or cheap romance novel, one of the two!

Saturday morning we finally got out of bed over an hour after the alarm went off. As I said before, Lazy? Us? Never! and went down for breakfast, which apparently we'd booked for 8 o'clock. We assured the woman that we hadn't and had breakfast before trying to find the University. Hull University at Scarborough was around a 40minute walk away from where we were staying. We arrived, went on a 20minute tour and promptly left! I later worked out that to get on the course there all I needed were D's in my exams this year....... Doesn't imply it will give me a decent mental challenge! So, it MAY stay on my list, but it will definitely only be accepted if I fail all my exams for some unknown reason.

So we walked the 40minutes back to town and bought sandals and buckets and spades and went on the beach! We built sandcastles, Graeme built more but mine were better :p, then knocked them all down, taking photographs of it! We paddled in the sea after that (the water was NOT cold G =p) then found tack shops and wandered round those. After going back to the hotel to dump buckets and spades we went to the amusements again. We won lots of random crap such as an aeroplane toy, a UFO shaped spinner game, a packet of mini crayons, a fingerboard, a tigger keyring (MINE!), a Homer keyring and a Barbie wallet.

We ate (eventually!) and got back to the hotel where I discovered a hole in my leg..... Only I could gouge a hole in my leg without noticing! It's finally healed today I think, still bleeds a little bit ocassionally but *shrugs* it doesn't seem to be bleeding as much!

Sunday morning we missed breakfast through pure laziness! We got out of bed around 10ish and tidied up the room, which was a surprisingly large mess for saying we'd only been there 2 days! We went to Scarborough train station, got a train to York and realised we'd increased our hour wait there to a 2hour one because we'd gone early *laughs* So 2 hours was spent in The Lemon Tree there taking lots of random photos! Then, I had to leave him..... That wasn't fun. Well, making faces through the train window was. Especially as I'm sure the woman in the seat in front thought Graeme was making faces at her....... I had a fairly uneventful journey, getting into Bristol 5 hours later, settling myself down for an hour wait and realising a train to Chippenham left in two minutes! So I ran down and up stairs to the other side of the station and managed to catch it.

I was expecting to be in serious trouble when I got home..... My dad had originally been told I was going to Scarborough with Sarah. which I was. I just didn't deign to tell him that she was no longer coming! So when he found out apparently he went mad. All he said to me was that he knew I was lying *shrugs* Yay for being away for 12hours after he found out!

Meh, I'll stop there, written more than anough. Definitely gonna be spamming up your friends page! And if anybody wants to know more, read Graeme's journal, doubtless he'll have included stuff I forgot!!!
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