A rant

Aug. 17th, 2005 06:42 pm
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I'm going to rant
Not about people I know for once, but the idiots who come out of the woodwork every year just before exam results and tell the nation that the grades thousands of students have slaved to acheive are useless. They've been "dumbed down"
Have they bollocks
If they're that sure A levels are easy they should sit a friggin paper themselves

Now, no offence to anybody on my friends list who has taken any of the following subjects, but one of the reasons that they are citing this year for A grade passes being worth less is the high number of students taking vocational subjects, which are no longer purely VCEs but can count as double A levels. I find it hard enough to comprehend even within my own subject range how acheiving the 66% required to acheive an A in Psychology can be made comparable to the 82% required to acheive an A in Maths, but at least both subjects are exam tested. Subjects such as Travel & Tourism, Media Studies, Film, Leisure & Recreation, although good vocational qualifications can in no way be compared to Maths or Physics or even Geography (haha ok, slight bias there I have an irritational hatred and contempt of geography). Especially when the former subjects are almost purely coursework based.

I don't see anything wrong with vocational subjects, and in fact I'm in great support of them, it can be just what people need to encourage them to continue learning. What is irritating me is that these subjects, where people can gain a double A grade based almost purely on coursework where they are constantly monitored and guided then cheapen the value of the A grades that people have worked so hard to acheive in academic based subjects.

Erm, yeah
*gets down off soapbox*
This is an issue which has upset me only recently, but the original issue, before I went off on a tangent has upset me for countless years

So, as my final statement I shall wish all those waiting for exam results, tomorrow or next thursday, or whenever your results are released, GOOD LUCK!!!
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