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So, last saturday I missed the England-Portugal game to head to Gatwick and board a flight to Rhodes (I did manage to catch the penalties in a bar at the airport; so disappointing!) I arrived in Rhodes about 2am local time and we boarded a coach (after much confusion about which coach was actually ours) and were hotel bound! We got there, checked in and died from the heat! We paid for air con and I sat on the balcony reading, with everybody else whinging they were tired. We got up, decided to stay in our rooms until the Welcome Meeting and so did so until 1 when we headed down to the bar. There we met our rep and booked a few trips. We swam and then we ate in the bar and were in bed by 20 past 10.....

The next morning we were up at some god forsaken time because we were boarding a coach to a harbour and spending the day sailing around Rhodes and swimmings and stuff. This would have been more fun had I not panicked when I got in the sea at the first stop and felt like I was going to drown. Thus I remained on the boat, alone at the other swimming stops. We headed back to the hotel and I think headed out that night for food into town. Well, I say into town, we got to the bottom of a VERY tall hill and ate there *laughs* The guy who ran the place gave us a free fishbowl of sex on the beach (which I ended up drinking most of) and I stayed with Sarah and Jen whilst they waited for and watched Big Brother. Yawn. We then headed back to the hotel where I ordered a cocktail before we went back to the room and slept.

Tuesday we were meant to be going to the beach, but when I got up I was told the others were too tired (after all, we had lazed around on a boat and walked all the way down the hill before they got 13 hours sleep....) so we were staying in the hotel. I was a bit pissed off but as the pool was yummy decided it was ok, after all, could explore the town that evening when we went down for tea. But... oh no, wait, we spent that meal in the hotel too! We did however all sit and have a drink that night. Trying many of the cocktails on the list. It was also tuesday night when I sent my postcards. I was slightly drunk when I sent them, so, apologies. I also only sent one if I could remember your address offhand. 

Wednesday we finally made it down to the beach! We ate McDonalds *rolls eyes* I spent silly money getting my hair braided (it seemed a good idea at the time....) before spending 4 euros on a sunbed where I sat for a whole 20minutes. At which point we went on a banana boat and saw lots of jellyfishes which were cute. Kez fell off. Poor Kez. Then I headed back to my lounger, only to be told we were leaving. I "oh"-ed and we started the trek back up the bloody hill. Wednesday was new arrival day! And we met nice new people 2 rooms down from us when they shouted to us on their balcony.  We got dressed up and went out to town for tea. Which was nice, but we ended up back at the hotel by 9. So I decided to stay by myself at the bar, drinking yet more cocktails! I started chatting to some guy I'd seen in the pool a few times and was rather pissed by the time the guys from the room near us came back in from town. Dan threw his drink on the floor whilst trying to make a point so was escorted to bed by steve *laughs* Leaving Adam downstairs with me and the other guy. As they were disgusted I hadn't been into town proiperly yet I went, got changed and told everybody not to wait up for me and headed downtown to experience the joys of Faliraki at night. I must admit, it was pretty enjoyable. Lots of scope for people watching. I got home, woke everybody up trying to open the door to the balcony and once I had saw Steve on their balcony. I decided it would be a good idea to try and climb across to sit on their balcony rather than shouting over. I soon realised that the gap between my balcony and that of next doors was much bigger than between the two rooms we had. So gave in on that idea and walked down the corridor instead! Sat talking to Steve for about 2 hours. About anything and everyhting. We had a 20minute conversation about Venus! And I saw the sun come up for the second time of the holiday.

Thursday I noticed my friends were a little off with me and assumed it was because I'd woken them up coming home. We stayed in the hotel again during the day, the beach tired them all out *rolls eyes* But, it was fun, we played a cross between netball, football and water polo in the pool which led to me being christened Wolverine and Catherine pulling Adam. We ate in the hotel and then got ready for the bar crawl organised by Thomas Cook. Due to a fuck up we paid just 5 euros for our t-shirts whilst everybody else had to pay for the privilige of being on the bar crawl too! We decided we should knock for Adam, Dan and Steve and headed into town. Catherine decided that it would be a good time to tell everybody about the most entertaining moment of our holiday........ I hadn't checked the side pockets of my backpack before loading it up and it got stopped going through customs. I was extremely puzzled as to what could be in there before suddenly realising that I'd hidden my handcuffs in there whilst doing a quick tidy up of my room..... I collapsed into giggles and apparently turned bright red. What was embarassing enough was made worse by the fact that the customs officer just stood twirling them around his fingers before putting them in the confiscated items box. He did however, only take my pink fluffy pair, leaving me my plain metal ones. Which is.... interesting. *laughs* We made it to the bar, just on time to find that we'd left our entrance ticket at the hotel..... But we got in anyway on the promise we'd buy Matt (our rep) a drink. They guy who owned the bar took a real liking to Steve, Dan and Adam and started calling them The Chester Boys. To kick start the evening there were two competitions. A down a pint for the guys; which two girls entered because the guys were all wimps. Although Steve got pushed up there *laughs* And a sexy dancing competition for the girls. Guess whose friends put her up on stage for that! (And also didn't win *sniff* despite The Chester Boys judging. Bastards!) We then went next door to the next bar. Where people did karaoke. Some well, some not. And there was a body shot competition. 

On the way down to the third bar I was chatting to some new peoples, and I was amazed at the different prices people had paid for their holidays! I made a big fuss about wanting to play mini-golf (not there and then, obviously, just in general) and street sellers were trying to sell us things. By this point I was very hyper and a little drunk and as well as buying myself a cocktail and having the free shot Kez, Catherine, me and the 3 guys clubbed together for a big fishbowl. Which, we drank, with much messing about where at one point nobody could actually drink because their straw was being pinched by at least one other person! Then, Dan asked me to dance. So I did. Then I decided steve looked lonely so I danced with him *laughs* Apparently we did 5 bars out of 7 before leaving, but my memories of  the last 3 are just one big blur, with only the walks between actually making any differentiation! I made a new friend, Chloe, who kept bumping into me and made an idiot of myself when trying to dance on the side (I fell off onto Kez. Before I was actually that drunk! I simply missed my footing. But Kez tutted about me being drunk and sulked with me the rest of the night. Well, actually, maybe she didn't as after that point I spent most of the night with Dan. Who laughed at me for buying glow bracelets off the street seller kiddy and just told me I was soft when I said he was too young to be out begging at that time of night; then did exactly the same when the little girl came up to him! Must be something to do with wanting to teach primary school. We headed towards McDonalds so we could find taxis and went back to the hotel. Where after certain things happened we went down to the bar where Dan and Steve and Adam played pool and I ate pizza. (I'd spent most of the night before whinging to Steve that I wanted pizza. Or at least chips with lots of garlic mayo). I wished I'd had my camera. Steve and I swapped t-shirts so I was in a baggy blue one and he had this tiny pink thing on. Combined with the hat he'd bought from the vendor he looked like a bad extra from Brokeback Mountain *giggles* We headed back up to the guys room and I ended up on after-sun duty as they were all incredibly burnt. I fell asleep waiting for Adam to get out of the shower and woke up the next morning with Dan one side of me, Adam the other and Catherine the other side of him *laughs* That was a bizarre moment. 

We all just lay in bed talking, and talking to Steve too whose bed was on the other side of the room. Turns out we left him and he finished the bar crawl. I could have sworn he'd been in our taxi! After much lounging around watching strange programs in German and drinking Bam Catherine and me realised we had half an hour til our coach was there and went to our own rooms to get ready. We then headed to the Water Park. Which is the second biggest in Europe (the biggest is in Limasoll and my sister went last year). The water park would have been more fun had I not been ignored the whole way there and most of the time we were eating, nor left behind and left out once we went on the first 3 slides. It started to make me sulk and not be in the mood to go down slides where I was already ocassionally panicking about them. And the fact that I'd forgotten to change my contact lens to a disposable one was also bugging me. I guess I would have been slightly unfun as I was sulking so when we went to buy a drink and they said they were going to the wave pool for half an hour til the next waves I said I'd stay and read, knowing I wasn't a strong enough swimmer to deal with the waves. I'd struggled enough with the after waves! An hour and a half later they finally returned. By that point I was very dry, very warm, very engrossed in my book and had just bought another drink. With only an hour til we had to get out anyway I told them I'd stay on the lounger. This decision seemed to piss them off nearly as much as me being with them! Guess I couldn't win at that point. 

We got back to the hotel and I sat waiting for the shower, wandered out onto the balcony and got shouted at by Steve, asking if the Water Park was fun. Replied it was and Adam wandered out, shouted over asking if the water park was good, I replied it was and we chatted for a minute or two before Dan also came out and asked what the water park had been like. Then decided it was easiest just to go to their room so bartered my after sunning abilities in return *laughs* We watched more crappy German, we all fell asleep and got woken up by my name being shouted. I went out to be told my friends were eating in the hotel. Again. so i sulked, and whined and they told me I was being stupid so I went inside the guy's room and just sat. Then decided I should get ready, arranged to meet the guys back at the hotel to head out later and went down to my room. There I was greeted in silence and told they didn't like being second choice. I told them fine, they weren't any choice and I was going to pack. *laughs* Possibly slightly immature but I was so angry I wasn't even hungry. They went down to eat, I packed and calmed down before heading down to join them. I was pushed aside, possibly not even deliberately so just sat watching rather than participating and when I went to get my jacket from the room and heard voices from the guy's room I text Adam and made them come down for me early! I got changed into highly unsuitable clothes for clubbing (i.e. they looked really casual) but we were intending to head for a foam party (my first!) and they were the only clothes I didn't mind ruining! Went to the bar to wait for Adam (he was talkign to Catherine) and decided we'd do double shots. Well, the shots over there aren't 25ml *laughs* I had a tumbler full of sambuca. Which I drank. Then they guy behind the bar poured us all shots of sambuca. Which after some very minor encouragement I drank. Yes, all 3. So, I'd probably had about 180ml of Sambuca by the time the taxi arrived. I made them stop at a cashpoint and then discovered that it didn't want to play. So we wandered down bar street and I was chatting to some guy and he used the word mardy, I shrieked in delight and started nattering away, when we were joined by a girl who also worked at the bar who lives down the road from me when in England. I then realised I'd been left and the others were nearly at the bottom of the road. I ran, caught up and finally got money before we headed to the first bar that offered us free drinks! 

There we met my friend from the bar crawl the night before and some of her friends I don't remember meeting. I managed to completely offend one by asking if she was a lesbian. But apparently she was acting really strangely with everybody, which made me feel better. Then we went to another bar where I spent most of the time, dancing on the bar drinking Stella *laughs* And there my memories of the night end. All I knopw is what I've been told. Apparently we then headed on to Q club where I made straight for the bar, ordered another Stella and fell asleep on some random guy. At that point Adam put me in a taxi. Next snippet of information comes from Jen and Sarah who informed that at half past 2 some guy took me into my room and kept calling me Helen and making sure I was ok..... 

After that I woke up in my bed, still fully clothed. Again. It seems to have been the makings of a habit! I packed my final few things and looked up to see Dan standing in the room with my cashcard and money (yes I made him take them, I only had loose pockets!). That he had my money makes me wonder how I paid for the taxi..... They made the foam party. Which sucks. I wanted to go! I then presented them with my after sun and suntan lotion. They were greatly appreciated presents. *laughs* After that I got dragged away to the town. We walked. I bought lots of drinks, so bloody hot! Then went back to the hotel. Where I got ignored even more! So when we saw Adam, Dan and steve I went over. Catherine and Adam disappeared up to their room and I played bejewelled whilst Dan and steve played pool. Then I went up with them and we all watched Only Fools and Horses. Then we left Adam and Catherine alone again before going back to watch more Only Fools and Horses before eating. I then got very upset because I got left alone and was crying and although peoiple must have seen nobody came over to check. So I got myself an internet card and came online for a bit. Also helped me kill an hour of the 12 hour wait. Journey back wasn't fun. Mostly due to beign ignored and snide comments. 

So yeah. Made it home safe and sound, this has taken me nearly 2 hours to write up and I wish I was back in Faliraki! *laughs* Love to you all, especially if you've actually read it all!
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