Jul. 14th, 2005

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Meh I have to work tonight, I can't be arsed with it! It's too hot to be in the kitchen
Especially with the prick of a new chef
And it's the bastard charity golf club dinner *is hoping it means lots of tips at least*

On happier notes......
Last day of school today
Got my timetable and it works out perfectly for me to do a work experience placement one afternoon a week all year, even though I'm doing drama after school. Woohoo! (And yes, working in a primary school full of snotty kids is a cause for happiness :p)

Also, as I only had one lesson today I did some admin work for my maths teacher all day. She paid me £25 out of her own pocket for a few hours work. And by work I mean I went through piles of her stuff and binned most of it! I'm sure I shouldn't have been allowed to see a lot of what I did though. Nor should she have just binned it without shredding it in any way! It was highly confidential some of it. Ah well, her who'd be in trouble, not me!

Erm......... Nope, can't think of anything else to update with really

Au revoir mes petites choulfeures!
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All my entries will be friends only

I know too many people who read my journal without me knowing and it un-nerves me slightly

If you comment, you'll be added if I know you, or you can prove you're worthy to read of my wonderful life!


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